“I have been a pharmaceutical sales rep for the past 30 years. In order for me to fulfill all of my duties as well as to fully participate in the demanding meetings I must attend – some held in huge arenas, others in small conference rooms – I rely on realtime captioning provided by Lauren Schechter and her team at TotalCaption.

It is reassuring having Lauren’s support – she is always on time and ready to work the minute I arrive at the meetings. It’s as though a second pair of ears are there just for me. And they work so well! When Lauren captions for me, I never feel “deaf.” Lauren is able to transmit all the information delivered at these complex and fast-paced meetings that begin at 8 am and often last until 6 pm. It’s inhuman to be able to focus for such long periods of time. In fact, I’m almost positive that she is a robot. Even when we break for lunch, there is still communication going on that I would miss were it not for CART.

Another very important part of my job is client communication. TotalCaption retrieves my telephone voicemails every day, transcribes them all and emails them to me so that I can be in constant contact with the professionals I serve.

No one does it better than TotalCaption.”

- Arlene F.

“It feels so strange knowing I will not be returning to college this fall, to know that I have graduated and completed what I hope is the first step of a long and fulfilling career and journey. I want to take the time to thank you for accompanying me on this journey, for your skills, commitment, and influence during the last four years. Your work as a stenographer was critical to my college career and invaluable to my academic success.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you and hope you continue to help others (being their “ears”) as much as you have helped me. Thank you!”

- Mariella P.

“I have used Lauren’s CART services, live and remote, in a variety of settings including small meetings, at major special events and city agency functions. Her transcription, and that of her staff at TotalCaption, is consistently fast and accurate, the most important qualities one looks for when requiring accessibility.

Lauren has provided transcription for my organization for many years and has endeared herself both professionally and personally to our members. The fact that she transcribes exclusively for people with hearing loss has given her an intuitive and valuable sense of what is needed for best communication in any situation. She approaches the work she obviously loves with compassion and enthusiasm.

In a more perfect world, Lauren would be by my side to CART every day of my life.”

- Toni I.

“TotalCaption provides outstanding captioning service. We have employed their services perhaps a dozen times and find that they epitomize professionalism and technical skill, while having a pleasant and warm demeanor, making TotalCaption’s CART providers popular with all audiences.

Besides hiring TotalCaption to do CART onto a screen, we have also had them do live streaming onto mobile devices. TotalCaption has also provided captions for a number of videos–totaling over two hours–which appear on our library’s YouTube page. TotalCaption is a pleasure to work with and can be counted on to do an outstanding job.”

- Brigid C.

“Lauren Schechter has provided captioning for the Manhattan chapter of our national Association for the last six years. She is an indispensable member of our group. She makes it possible for our members to “hear” at both our monthly programs and our many committee meetings. She is lightning fast, accurate, and meticulously prepared. Lauren brings a wide-ranging intelligence to what she hears and transcribes. We continually recommend her with enthusiasm to many other organizations and organizers of events. She is tops!”

- Anne P.