CART stands for Communication Access Realtime Translation. CART providers are Court Reporters who have been specifically trained to work within the deaf/hard of hearing community. CART providers, using a shorthand machine connected to a laptop computer, write everything that is said during an event. Through specially designed software, the shorthand is simultaneously translated into English and displayed on the laptop screen in realtime. Environmental sounds are included in addition to the spoken word, which enables the CART recipient to not only understand what is said, but also to be aware of the activities going on, such as laughter from the back of the room, or a loud noise heard from outside.

The CART recipient can also receive an electronic transcript just hours after the conclusion of an event if requested. This can be extremely helpful to a student preparing for an exam, or for minutes of an important meeting, for example.


Today, with CART services, either onsite or remote, students with hearing loss can be mainstreamed into the traditional school setting where learning is afforded every student, not only students without challenges. TotalCaption works closely with school administrators and disability service departments to demonstrate the technological advancements and the ease with which a student with hearing loss can engage academically to achieve success in his/her field of endeavor. Under the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), schools are committed to provide accommodations for students with disabilities. TotalCaption is there to display the full text of every spoken word in every class attended by a student with hearing loss.

Since inception, we have provided CART services for students in grammar school, high school, college and post graduate degree programs, even medical and law school. Because CART reporters are transitioned Court Reporters, we are expert at grammar, syntax and proofreading. Our strict code of CART protocol dictates that we will never change verbiage to create a more grammatically correct sentence structure. We believe the student should be reading the words that were actually spoken.

      • Graduation Ceremonies
      • Bar Exam Preparation
      • High School/Undergraduate/Graduate Level – Classes/Labs


There was a time, seemingly not long ago, where a person with hearing impairment could not be productive in an office or other designated facility due to his/her inability to communicate effectively. CART was on the scene before 1990 when the ADA was signed into law. But the law made it imperative to satisfy the reasonable communication needs of every individual. TotalCaption provides both onsite and remote CART services for any person in need, whether it be a training seminar, a business meeting for two people or an auditorium for hundreds, a confidential work review with a supervisor, a conference call, or any business environment where a hearing person might be attending.

    • Webinars
    • Focus Groups
    • Association and Foundation Meetings
    • Corporate Meetings/Trainings
    • Conference Calls
    • Government-Sponsored Activities
    • Public Forum Meetings
    • Conventions/Expos
    • Panel discussions


TotalCaption will provide a CART Reporter, either onsite or remote, at a doctor’s office to caption an important meeting where the medical practitioner is explaining the result of a medical exam, a consultation with family or friends, or as intimate and confidential as a medical examination. This same service can be provided in a hospital where serious life-threatening meetings are conducted for a person with hearing loss. We are there.

    • Medical Appointments/Consultations


CART is designed to fit any situation, not just in a classroom or a boardroom. TotalCaption’s personnel are expert in customizing events that would otherwise appear impossible for people with hearing loss to attend. Social gatherings such as a comedy show, an outdoor event, a presentation in a senior citizen facility, or an author’s presentation about a new book, are just a few examples of where CART can be viewed. Weddings, holiday celebrations, funerals and religious services can be experienced by all with ease. We feel everyone should participate at every function, whether happy or sad.

    • Religious Services
    • Funeral Services
    • Weddings
    • Holiday Celebrations
    • Comedy Shows
    • Senior Citizen Communities
    • Outdoor Events
    • Author Presentations/Book Signings

Onsite CART

A CART Reporter is onsite listening to the speaker and simultaneously inputting the spoken words stenographically onto a shorthand writer. In realtime, the text is translated back into English and displayed, either on a computer screen or tablet for one person (Personal CART), or projected onto a screen or monitor for an audience to view (Group CART).

Remote CART

A CART Reporter is not onsite, but rather is connected to the event in two ways – one to hear the audio from the speaker (via Internet or telephone), and the other to stream the realtime text via a secure Internet link with virtually no delay back to the CART recipient.

Additionally, TotalCaptionEverywhere™’s proprietary technology allows multiple users, whether onsite or remote, to receive the live streaming text on any computer, web-enabled TV, tablet or smartphone anywhere in the world.